High Performing Swanstone Sinks

Swanstone Sinks – Functionality Is Important

swanstone sinksWelcome to the world of high quality sinks. Whether you are a home owner, constructor, interior designer or just a sink enthusiast, you will appreciate Swanstone sinks for their high quality and longevity. They perform very well in both residential and commercial spaces and you will find them in numerous different colors. You surely cannot miss a color that blends in well with the rest of your interior color scheme.

If you are weary from seeing the normal stainless steel sinks found out there, you need to change your style and get to the new century. When it comes to kitchen sinks, functionality is very important. You need a sink that will allow you to move around but at the same time minimize movement from the sink to the countertops. The aesthetic value of the sink is also an important point to consider since you cannot buy a sink that does not conform to the general style of décor in your house. If your kitchen is more of the traditional style or modern style you need to get a sink that portrays this idea. With Swanstone sinks, you will get an array of designs that will be a perfect fit for any style of kitchen, bathroom, office, laundry room, hospital, hotel room or restaurant you want to install in.

Swanstone Sinks – Not Easy To Destroy

For instance, if you are looking a classy and elegant looking sink, think of the Swanstone sinks called Undermount Ascend Bowl model number QUAD – 3322 which is 32 inches wide and 21 inches deep which translates into 813 mm by 533 mm. it comes in four different elegant colors and has a creatively raised area with stylish channels where you can prepare your food, do your utensils and clean up the area. This type of sink has been tested on very high impacts and is not easy to destroy. You cannot break this type of sink if you wanted to since it is made of 80 per cent quartz stone. You now get the picture? You could only cut it with a diamond.

These Swanstone sinks are able to fit into any type of counter top made off any type of raw material. You can mount it onto granite or quartz, you can use it on the solid surface or countertops made of tile. It has similar qualities to the drop-in model that has been created into an undermount version. This sink is made in the standard size and very good for someone who deals with construction or a home owner who wants to upgrade their kitchen or bathroom as it is very hardy, does not stain and is very easy to clean and maintain.

Swanstone Sinks