Be Different: Use Swanstone Sinks

Swanstone Sinks – A Great Alternative

swanstone sinksHave you grown tired of the usual stainless steel sinks and ceramic varieties you see in the market? Choosing the best sink that suits your taste, style and freedom of movement is very important; but with limited choices like those steel sinks and ceramics, one is left with no other choice but to like what is available. That is until now.

Swanstone Sinks are different from the rest of the pack. The materials used in these sinks are different from the standard fare. Each is made up of unique materials designated as:

  • Swanstone
  • Veritek
  • Swan High-Gloss

Each Swanstone sink is guaranteed to pass any durability test and still deliver good balance when it comes to value and style. There are many satisfied customers of Swanstone sinksproof of this is the fact that the company has been in the business for more than four decades and counting. Swanstone holds office in St. Louis, Missouri and has manufacturing facilities in Centralia, Illinois.

Swanstone Sinks - The Impeccable Qualities:

  1. They are impervious to chemicals – Exposure to some of the common corrosive solvents is not a problem anymore with Swanstone sinks. If ever your sink suffers a stain, the mark can easily be removed with commercially available household cleaners.
  2. They are heat resistant – Each sink coming out of the factory is guaranteed to withstand heat as high as 450 degrees. Other solid surfaces like cultured marble will “frown” when exposed to boiling water, hot pots or even curling irons; but with Swanstone sinks, these will be not be a problem at all.
  3. The sinks as resistant to impacts - In the cast polymer industry, only a few can claim to have the best record in impact resistance. A swanstone sink can take all the pounding that goes even beyond daily use and still stay as good as new. It is five times stronger when compared to the nearest competitor.
  4. The sink has a renewable surface – Most consumers have worries about scratches brought about by continued and long time use. Some of the competition resort to laminates and gel coating, but with Swanstone, only a simple buff or sanding is required, and then you are good to go. It is the ultimate renewable surface sink out there.

Swanstone Sinks – Environment Friendly

As of this writing, Swanstone Sinks have received the GREENGUARD certification which attests to its continued dedication to fill the market with environment friendly products that are convenient to use. A GREENGUARD certification signifies that a product has passed a stringent test of chemical emissions and indoor air quality inspection. When you purchase each Swanstone sink you are ensured that you are in safe hands. If you want something different for your kitchen and bathroom needs then Swanstone and its long line of products will not fail you. Each product guarantees you durability, sustainability and value for your money. The workmanship in each piece is meticulous and no corners were cut so you always get the best out there. With unique designs that cater to discriminating tastes of consumers, it is a definite winner and a good conversation piece.

Swanstone Sinks

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