Classy Swanstone Sinks

Swanstone Sinks – Lots Of Options To Choose From

swanstone sinksDid you know that a sink could very well be the focal point of a room? If you are keen on decorating your home interiors, you should consider changing your sink if need be. A sink in the room will also portray your decorative style and that is where Swanstone sinks come in. They are designed into various different styles and you will not miss to find one that rhymes well with the whole interior theme of your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room office, restaurant, hospital or hotel room.

You can go to the Swanstone sinks website and have a closer look at the kinds of sinks that are available. They come in many different colors to choose from according to your home’s color scheme. You can get a double sink if you have a sizeable kitchen. It is highly convenient and you will have an easy time keeping your kitchen clean. Aside from the kitchen sinks, the Swanstone sinks manufacturers also sell counter tops, bath tub and shower, utilities, accessories and vanity bowls and tops.

Swanstone Sinks – The Warranty

They offer a limited warranty for the products you buy from them. If your product is seen as faulty either through the materials that made it or the workmanship that handled it, and after one of the Swanstone staff has had a thorough inspection, your item will then be repaired or swapped for another similar product. The warranty is strict and only covers items that were fixed having followed the Swan Corporations, a United States of America’s company’s installations instructions. It only covers the original buyer of the items. Among the items covered in the limited lifetime warranty are the kitchen sinks, vanity tops and bowls, wainscoting, shower floors, table tops, alcove walls, bath tuba, tub and shower walls, vanity top blanks, undermount kitchen and entertainment sinks among others.

There are items from the Swanstone sinks manufacturing company that get ten years limited warranty. These are the Swanstone countertops but the laundry tubs and mop sinks and the shower cabinets both attract a warranty of five years limited.

Swanstone Sinks – Very Eco-Friendly

Swanstone sinks are made by a company that is very eco-friendly. The sinks are carcinogenic free and toxic free not forgetting that they are chemically inert. Since the sinks are built to last and is not easily destroyed, it is found to be environmentally friendly. It is not permeable and therefore does not allow the penetration of bacteria, mold, mildew and chemicals which can find their ways into human beings and animals.

Swanstone sinks are made through a process that reduces pollutants like VOCs and also has a recycling program for all the ferrous metals, majority of the scrap cardboard and oil. Swanstone sinks are truly green sinks.

Swanstone Sinks