Swanstone Sink Reviews

Swanstone Sink Reviews – Best Replacement For Stainless Steel?

swanstone sink reviewsSwanstone, a brand of products created by Swan Corportation, has always had a reputation due to its durable sinks, countertops, shower walls, and bathtubs. Since its debut in 1987, its line of home furniture has satisfied customers from homes, restaurants, hotels, and places of accommodation. Its unique 1/4 –inch sheet design has proven the convenience of the products in terms of transportation, durability, and heat insulation. Swanstone kitchen and bathroom sinks are available in granite and solid surface.

There are a lot of customers and home improvement critics who have made Swanstone sink reviews. Most of them are positive while there are some of those evaluations that are negative. People who showed appreciative remarks on their Swanstone sink reviews usually credit the sinks’ impact resistance, heat insulation, and elegant designs. Others who have read and written Swanstone sink reviews believe that the brand’s kitchen sinks are the best replacement for stainless steel sinks. As for those who make a few ranting Swanstone sink reviews, the critics complain about the sinks being prone to scratches and its difficulty for assembly in the kitchen or bathroom.

The following Swanstone sink reviews, which are focusing primarily on the Granite Sinks, will guide you to know the strengths and weaknesses of the sinks based on customer experience.

Swanstone Sink Reviews – The Raves

Here’s a Buzzillions.com evaluation by MnDawg from Minnesota concerning the Swanstone Granite Single Ascend Bowl Kitchen Sink. The upper ledge is good for washing vegetables, while the remainder of the sink is huge and deep for dirty plates and saucers that are piled to be cleaned on the dishwasher. MnDawg adds that heat insulation and being impervious to scratches are good for the granite sinks.

A Viewpoints.com review by Cat from Charlotte North Carolina discusses about the Swanstone Granite Sink. Besides the durability, heat resistance, and conveniences on using the sink, she adds that she only used a kitchen towel to wipe down the sink without any need of scrubbing and polishing. A major plus that she mentioned was the cost-effectiveness of the sink, when she bought the granite sink for approximately $350, which is a cheaper price compared to the stainless steel counterparts worth $800. Cat says that the granite sink’s mix of great quality and low cost is a best bargain for the whole kitchen.

Swanstone Sink Reviews – The Rants

Here is a mixed reaction in Buzzillions.com by Cami from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She mentions that the sink is an attractive addition to the kitchen, makes cleaning more convenient, and the elevated ridge provides an organized way to separate dirty dishes from the ones that are currently washed. However, Cami adds that the surface is easily damaged from scratches when she found out that a glass globe dropped and damaged the granite in 2 places.

Spacecadet from Los Gatos, California wrote this mixed review about the granite sink. He cites the durability and the beautiful designs as beneficial although he mentioned that assembling the sink is tough if the working section of the kitchen is narrow or tight. Spacecadet adds that a 33-inch wide base cabinet may solve the problem although the mounting clips will be futile. He recommends a 36-inch base cabinet instead as long as there are enough pieces of plywood for the brackets to hang on to ensure that the sink will be user-friendly.

Hopefully, you have learned a lot from the Swanstone sink reviews on the setbacks and strengths of the Swanstone granite sinks. It’s up to you when choosing a quality-based, user-friendly sink. Just a reminder, Swanstone sinks has and will always serve as a great example to products mixed with quality and convenience.

Swanstone Sink Reviews

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